Wednesday, June 4, 2008

potty on the brain

Sarah is continuing to wear underwear, continuing to use the potty, continuing to do a great job. :) I think we might be a little too potty-obsessed, however. Yesterday, Sarah and I were looking at pictures on Nick and Tara's website (the Butterworth Family Times link to your right). The first picture had Tara's parents, and Nick. Sarah studied it thoughtfully, identifying "Aunt Tara's mommy and daddy, and Uncle Nick." She paused for a moment, then wondered aloud, "Where's Aunt Tara? Is she in the bathroom or something?" (Tara, I hope you don't mind my sharing this! I thought it was funny, though!). :)

Moving on to a different subject, yesterday Sarah got a get well card in the mail from my grandmother (Sarah calls her Mee-maw). Always excited to receive mail, Sarah opened the card and studied the picture on the front carefully. I told her it was a get well card. Sarah agreed that the cat on the front of the card indeed didn't look too well, and she started sticking smiley face stickers on the card, "so he would feel better." I had to explain that the card was wishing her to get well! (Which she is, by the way. As sick as she was Sunday, you'd never even know it now. Kids bounce back so quickly!). But it was nice that she wanted to comfort the poor cat! :)

P.S. Spell check not only doesn't know how to spell Greeneville, but it's also griping about Butterworth! :-p

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Tara said...

I thought that was pretty funny too! :-) Just for the record though, I was not in the bathroom everyone. I was taking the picture! :-)

Glad to hear Sarah is still doing great with the potty training. Good job Sarah!!