Friday, June 13, 2008

sometimes, trying a new exercise ISN'T such a good idea!

I actually typed this up and posted it on my weight loss blog over at Spark People. ( if you happen to be interested in a free online weight loss program). But it's a funny story, so I thought I might as well post it here too! And since it's already written, I can just copy and paste! :)

I have been faithfully doing my workouts these last few weeks, and I am proud of the consistency I am building. This week, I have been visiting my mother, keeping her company while my dad is gone on business. I didn't want to miss any workout, but neither did I want to travel with exercise equipment. No problem; my dad has a treadmill and a set of dumbbells, and he assured me I was welcome to use both while I was here. I am not a treadmill user normally, but I figured a new and different exercise couldn't hurt, right?

Famous last words...

Monday's treadmill stint went beautifully. I did some intervals and watched a favorite TV show on DVD. Tuesday I did a few exercises with the dumbbells in addition to squats and such. Today I headed to the treadmill again, turned on the DVD player, and went to work. For about 8 minutes, all was well. I was chuckling over a humorous line on the TV. My daughter was playing with some toys behind me. I was starting to sweat. Sounds perfect, right?

I am honestly not sure what happened next. Maybe my feet simply got out of sync with the conveyor belt. Who knows? All I know is I went DOWN. Smack down on that moving conveyor belt. Fortunately, the safety stop kicked in and stopped the machine's movement, but I was already kicked off on the floor by that point. Now I am sporting bruises, scrapes, and what can only be described as "treadmill burn." And all I have to say is "Owwwwww..."

But nothing's broken or even seriously injured, so that's good, and would you believe that I DID get back on that silly thing and finish my workout. My legs look a bit like someone has beaten me, so wearing shorts might be distressing for the general populace over the next few days. :-p Too bad, though, because it is HOT here!

Say, is this what they mean by "no pain, no gain"? ;)

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