Thursday, May 22, 2008

piggy banks

Sarah has a piggy bank. She plays with it more than anything--we haven't really started any kind of allowance or saving money or anything like that as yet. She mainly thinks the piggy is a fun friend. Well, she did until recently.

Curious George on PBS is one of Sarah's favorite shows. And there is an episode where George is saving for a special toy. Not only does he put his allowance in a special piggy bank so that he can save it up, he begins doing extra chores for the man in the yellow hat, so he can earn money faster and buy his toy sooner. Sarah was playing with her pig today, when suddenly an idea occurred to her. "I need to put money in here! I need to get a job to earn money!" So we'll see what wage-earning endeavors we can find for a 3-year-old! ;)

Interesting tidbits (completely off subject): I experimented with plugging various Butterworth names into a search engine. Karen Butterworth yielded gobs of hits, absolutely none of them me. (There is a Karen Butterworth who is an author--that's pretty cool!). Nick Butterworth also gives tons of results, the majority for the famous author who shares that name (do we have a good name for writers, or what?) ;) Tara Butterworth gives plenty of results, but you'll find Tara and Nick's website about halfway down the first page. But plug in Nelson Butterworth, and the first two hits are both for MY Nelson! And in the number 2 slot is this blog! Wow! I guess Nelson Butterworth is not one of your more common names! ;)

Happy Friday!

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