Tuesday, May 13, 2008

all dolled up

I had a Mary Kay appointment this morning, and (as usual) Sarah went along too. Often my clients have children Sarah's age, and the kiddos play together while I do the facial or makeover or whatever. Today's customer, however, has no children at home. So I allowed Sarah to play with some makeup samples while I conducted the appointment. She had a great time doing her eyes, lips, and cheeks. Here is the look she created for herself (sorry for the poor picture quality; my cell phone doesn't have quite as good a camera as Nelson's).

She may be the one selling makeup in a few years! :)


Tara said...

She is too funny! I have a fond memory of Sarah using my makeup to get all dolled up. :-)

Zen Diva said...

Too cute! At one of my first appointments, my cousins' kids were present and one of the little girls who was two at the time was putting makeup on with everyone else. She was saying, "I pretty! I pretty!" as she was applying eye shadow to her lips! lol

~Shades of Pink~