Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fried velcro?

Today at lunch, I heated some leftover fried okra to eat. Sarah looked curiously at the dish and asked what it was. I told her fried okra. "Fried Velcro?" she asked, sounding terribly confused. "No, fried okra," I explained again, and Sarah decided to give it a try. (She approved, by the way).

It was kind of funny, though for two reasons. One, it was reminiscent of her mispronunciation of Dick Van Dyke (and, if we're feeling really nostalgic, all the many things she used to mispronounce--like root beer). But I was also amused because, frankly, fried okra doesn't reheat well. It loses the recently-fried crispiness--a very important factor when it comes to fried okra. So fried Velcro isn't really all that far off when we're talking leftovers! :-p

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