Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello!  We aren't dead or anything.  :)  I've actually written for one of my other blogs semi-regularly, but I can't seem to be consistent on more than one at a time.  :-p  Oops.

Anyway, last night was the "talent show" for our homeschool co-op.  Sarah's Spanish class counted to ten "en espanol" (darn, I wish I knew how to get the tilde on that N), and her history class sang the "50 States" song (one of several songs I've heard that lists the states in alphabetical order).  She also read a story that she wrote and illustrated.

Natalie's class didn't perform this year, and Natalie didn't really understand why she didn't get a turn on stage.  As various performers took the stage, Natalie kept asking, "When's it my turn?  When is she going to call my name?"  When we got home, she performed a "dance" for us in the kitchen for her own private "talent show."

Nelson took video of Sarah's performances, and I recorded Natalie's.  So if you're the type who enjoys that sort of thing, you will get to see them in all of their glory.  :)  I think he wanted to do some sort of editing to them before he posted.  I'm not sure if he'll put them here or Facebook, but stay tuned.

P.S. Blogger's spellcheck is weird sometimes. 

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