Monday, March 25, 2013

Sarah's tabernacle

Remember this post? Apparently it made an impression. Out of the blue today, Sarah decided to construct a tabernacle.

The ponies are the sheep to be sacrificed.  The pine cones are the wood for the fire.  There's a box to be the ark of the covenant.  The round "cookie icing" (from a wooden Melissa and Doug set) are the tablets for the Ten Commandments (she was a bit bummed that she didn't have something more arch-shaped).   There's a pencil to be Aaron's rod, and a Disney princess plays the part of the high priest.

Honestly, it's been so long since we visited the tabernacle and awhile since we discussed it.   Her daily Bible readings are in the New Testament right now, so she hasn't read about recently either.  I guess it shows how powerful a "field trip" can be.  Obviously this doesn't look anything like the tabernacle, but the essentials are there.  She really retained a lot.

Thanks, Dad!

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