Wednesday, December 12, 2012

busy nights

Nelson had a basketball game yesterday evening, and his parents and the girls went along to watch/cheer (I'll leave you to figure out who did what).  I had a ladies event at church.  We ate and chatted and had a white elephant gift exchange.  However, I think the "white elephant" idea was lost on some; there were some NICE gifts!  And I came home with a $10 Walmart gift card--score!!!  :)

Tonight was Nelson's parents' anniversary.  So they took US out for supper!  :-D  Hey, it's a great gig if you can get it.  I thoroughly enjoyed my steak and chocolate brownie.  A big thank you and wishes for many, many more years together to them. 

Tomorrow Nelson has another game.  Eventually we might get a chance to catch our breath this week.  ;)  We're usually not busy at all, but the last few weeks have had a lot going on.  I'm not used to it! 

On a completely unrelated note, the previous post was about migraines and what health practitioners people found useful.  I got to thinking about a book I had read on migraines and some of the recommendations it contained.  I also thought of my own plan to incorporate more yoga into my life.  I got the idea of searching for specific poses or routines for migraines.

Obviously, a lot of articles I found were generic "studies show that yoga is beneficial for migraine sufferers."  Yeah, thanks--I want details.  But I did eventually find specific recommendations.  One particular pose that showed up over and over again was "legs up the wall."   It's basically exactly what it sounds like.  You lie on the floor on your back and place your legs on the wall, forming a ninety degree angle. 

I tried it.  We have hardwood floors.  It isn't very comfortable.  Next time I'll remember to use my yoga mat.  And a pillow underneath my head.  I think that's allowed.  At least it should be. 

Have a good night.  :)

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