Monday, December 10, 2012

an interesting poll on migraines...

Well, interesting to me, anyway--it may not be so to anyone else! 

Anyway, the poll was about which health professional were the most helpful when it came to combating migraines.  After all, if you're going to try to see a pro to address your headaches, why not better the odds by at least starting with the ones who have already proven themselves? 

I honestly found the results fascinating.  Some pros ranked higher than I would have expected--others scored lower than I would have thought.  Each responder could choose up to three, but they were to focus on who helped them the most.  Others also may have proven beneficial, but this was about who was helping the most.

Headache specialists far and away outranked anyone else--it wasn't even close.  No surprise there--go to the expert, the one who has dedicated himself to the latest in research and so forth.  Next was family doctor; this did surprise me a bit.  I wouldn't have thought the family doctor would rate that highly.  On the other hand, for many this is going to be the only person they have to work with, so upon reflection that does make sense.

Complimentary medicine came in next, which again did not strike me as odd.  We migraine sufferers will often try about anything, and some CAM practices have proven very helpful for migraine.

"Other specialist," "quack," and "chiropractor" were pretty much tied.  The "quack" category amused me because it's a term that could mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people.  Still,  many people are clearly getting some sort of relief from their quacks.  Heck, I'd join the pond myself if I thought a quack could help!  ;)  I would have liked to see "other specialist" and "quack" a bit better defined though.

Coming in last were mental health practitioners (HA!  It's NOT all in our heads!) and physiotherapists.  Dentists, nurses, and OB/GYNs did not get any votes.  However, this doesn't mean they aren't helpful--just that they aren't the most helpful.  I'd actually have to mention my OB/GYN though--he was the only who started me on a daily magnesium regimen, and boy has that been helpful! 

Anyway, if you want to see the nifty graph with all of these lovely results, you can find it here

On a lark, I did a quick search, and there are several headache specialists in my area.  Maybe one day...  :) 

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