Monday, October 4, 2010

Sarah is six

Today is Sarah's sixth birthday. How in the world is she already six? I have no idea whatsoever...but she is. She's had a big "birthday weekend." On Friday, we went to Greeneville. My parents had presents and "ice cream" cake (it was actually frozen yogurt cake, so that Natalie could participate as well). On Saturday, we headed to the nearby park for pizza and play time with a couple of her friends. Today a gift card from my brother arrived; Sarah has already found a pink princess scooter she would like to purchase. She also got a wealth of presents from my grandmother (including a "pay check"), another check from Nelson's parents (her second "pay check"), and a card from her aunt and uncle. Wow!

Tonight she wants to go to La Carreta, a local Mexican restaurant. Then we'll be done birthdaying for awhile!

Sarah at about three months old...

Sarah in May of this year...

Happy birthday, Sarah!