Wednesday, October 20, 2010

frugal failure (and other stuff)

Blogging failure too--I keep meaning to blog more often, because I do have things to say, but between school, home, and family, I just don't seem to get it done. Sigh.

Anyway, everyone reading here (unless you are just randomly passing through) knows that I am a frugalista (sounds better than tightwad, doesn't it?). As such, I love Dollar Tree. I love their dishwasher detergent, their Oxy Clean knock-off, their body washes, their tubes of Crest and Colgate, and so much more. It helps our grocery budget a great deal that I can run into Dollar Tree and find a wide array of products for only a dollar. After all, tortillas are practically as necessary as air in this house; getting a pack for a dollar is fantastic!

There are definitely times, though, when cheaper isn't better...or even just as good. I recently bought Dollar Tree's kid 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner for the girls. I won't be purchasing it again. Both Sarah and Natalie have inherited my thick hair, and it tangles like you would not believe. Dollar Tree's 2-in-1 simply did not have enough conditioner, and it could not get the knots out of their hair. We've gone back to buying Suave. We're all happier for it!

In other news, school is going well. I love, love, love our math curriculum (which is saying a lot, because I don't love math!). Sarah blows me away with how well she reads. We are getting a lot done and having a great time doing it. Sarah commented earlier today that "School can be hard work, but it's fun!" What more could I ask for?

I need to update Natalie's word list again, but honestly I just can't keep up. She adds so many new ones so frequently. I was so religious about keeping Sarah's list updated, and I just can't seem to maintain Natalie's as faithfully.

One funny addition to the word list is "Peep-poo." Natalie has been able to say "Peep-eye" for a long time now. Since Nelson is not a native Southerner, he often uses "Peek-a-boo" instead when playing with Natalie. Natalie has now combined the two. She will hide her face, then delightedly squeal, "Peep-poo!"

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll get the hang of blogging regularly again soon. At some point, I still need to post pictures from our California trip!


Tara said...

You may need to further explain the Peek a boo thing. Is there a different Southern version? :)

We use Suave shampoo/conditioner for kids too. It works great on Connor's hair which is also very thick and gets tangly. Good thing Suave is still cheap too! :)

We'd love to see your CA pictures!

karen said...

Yes, we usually say "Peep eye" in lieu of "Peek-a-boo." Hence, Natalie combining the two into "Peep poo."