Thursday, December 17, 2009

opportunistic blogging parents strike again

Remember this post? Sarah got stuck in a laundry basket, and I snapped a picture before rescuing her. After all, this is what a good Blogger mom does!

Last night, something similar happened. Natalie was crawling on the bed (Nelson was watching her). She fell off the side--not into the floor (Nelson would not have let her do that)--but into her own bed (a co-sleeper that attaches to ours). She got stuck, and she just looked too cute not to take a photo before rescuing her!

See? Isn't she too funny? (And she doesn't look at all unhappy about this turn of events!)


Mommy, I'm Home said...

At least she has a big smile on her face!

Tara said...

Too funny! Super cute pic...Natalie is smiling her big smile she kept hiding from the camera before! :-)

Jessica said...

can you please stop posting extremely cute pictures of natalie? it makes me want another baby - and that would make hugh have a breakdown.