Sunday, December 6, 2009

sisterly bonding, driving in reverse, and other things

I'm going to combine several posts here. It seems easier than trying to do separate ones for everything!

Sarah is continuing to learn to read, and Nelson was able to take some pictures of her reading to Natalie the other night. You can see from the photos that both girls were really enjoying the experience! :)

Okay, so Natalie was less than interested at first...

Much better!

In the end, a good time was had by all. :) (Or rather by both, I guess I should say.)

Those on Facebook know that Natalie is a manner of speaking. She can only go backward. She scoots all over the house, just in reverse. She often gets stuck though, under the couch or a chair or against the wall, because she just can't figure out how to go forward! She very nearly pulled herself up to standing in the tub the other night,though, so she may end up being one of those babies who skips crawling and goes straight to walking.

Here is a picture of Natalie taken today. It doesn't show her moving backward, but it's still cute! ;)

Finally, here is a photo of the deer near our house hanging out in the snow we got yesterday. Pretty! I wish we could have gotten some pictures of the snow hanging on the tree branches, but it didn't last long enough.


Jessica said...

oh my gosh! i TOTALLY had that book when my kids were babies. Each color a page...Oh, the memories!!!


Tara said...

Cute pics! It is neat that Sarah is old enough to be able to read to her little sis!

I am so envious that you get to spot deer in your yard! How fun! I really need to live around more wildlife. :)