Sunday, April 6, 2008

play time

Yesterday Sarah got a new castle. It came with figures from Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora, Prince Philip, etc.). She has had the best time playing with it. She's been in her room for awhile tonight, happily concocting story lines for her new playthings to follow.

But apparently something went wrong. She came into the living room to inform me, "I put Aurora in the crib."

"Oh, really?" I asked.

"Yes, she's in time-out," Sarah confirmed.

"Why is she in time-out?" I questioned.

"She was crying," Sarah said disdainfully. Then she brightened. "I think she's stopped now. I better go get her out!" She headed back into the bedroom.

A few minutes later she returned again. "Now Prince Philip is in time-out," she said mournfully.

It's funny, and I think all children like to play that "authority figure" and hand out punishments to their dolls or stuffed animals or whatever. I've gotten a real kick out watching and listening to Sarah this evening!

Oh, and she continues to enjoy the "chicken CD." She likes the song "Dang Me" the best. With amusing lyrics like "I lack fourteen dollars having twenty-seven cents" and "Roses are red; violets are purple. Sugar is sweet, and so is maple syrple," who can blame her? ;)

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