Tuesday, April 8, 2008


On Saturday afternoon, we went to get our taxes done (yeah, we procrastinated this year). We have gone to Liberty Tax for the last several years (they're able to figure out all the complicated Mary Kay stuff for us!). :) The branch nearest our house has a fun playroom set up for kids, and Sarah was able to watch part of Shrek 3 while we did the forms and such. When we were done, Sarah got to take home an official "Liberty" crown.

After all, we don't have enough crowns already, do we? :-p

On a different note, we have had wonderfully warm springlike weather since Sunday. We have enjoyed driving around in Nelson's convertible (the "red shiny car," as Sarah calls it). Sarah has gotten to play outside a lot, enjoying her sandbox and our large backyard. I hope the warm weather holds, but this IS East Tennessee--we could still see snow before May! :-p

Oh, and if you're wondering about the subject line, that was Sarah's doing. ;)

Here are more of her musings (she especially likes typing for Aunt Tara!):


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TJ said...

you can never have too many crowns!