Tuesday, April 1, 2008

more about red hair

I have already written one post about the weekend of my grandmother's memorial service, but this weekend kind of added a postscript to both that and the saga of the red hair. :)

The weekend of the service, Sarah had a terrific time playing with my cousin's son Dillon. Dillon is an adorable little red-haired boy, and he and Sarah got along really well. Sarah was kind of bummed that my other cousin didn't bring her daughter Bella, but that didn't really put a damper on the fun. Sarah asked about Dillon for several days afterward, but eventually she understood that he had returned home to Florida.

This past weekend, Sarah and I ventured to the mall on Saturday evening. We ate supper together at Subway. While we were eating, a young couple entered the restaurant with a little baby boy--a redhead! Sarah lit up with a grin. I thought perhaps she was associating the baby with her buddy Dillon. But no, Sarah had another red-haired family member in mind! She squealed in delight, "That's baby Uncle Dave!!!" She has seen pictures of my brother as a baby at my parents house, and I guess the little boy in the stroller DID resemble her uncle as baby. Sarah was trying to figure out how Uncle Dave went back to being a baby again! Lol.

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