Thursday, January 10, 2008

letters and shapes

Yesterday Sarah and I headed to Greeneville for the day. As we drove down Hwy. 93 (a fairly curvy road), Sarah commented, "This road is shaped like a Z!" I agreed that yes, the road was indeed very Z-like. Sarah then added, "Z is for zipper!"

Later during the day, Sarah was playing with a little boy and a purple soccer ball. She excitedly told my mother, "I love this ball! It has octagons on it!" Now, I'll be honest--the shape on a soccer ball isn't technically an octagon. But we were still pretty impressed! :)

Interestingly, Sarah's fear of vacuums is joined by a fear of crawling babies. We can't figure out what it is about babies that upsets her though, but when a baby crawls over near her, close enough to touch her or pull up on her, Sarah panics. She cries and shrieks, "No, no, no!"--pretty similar to her reaction to the vacuum! We can't figure it out, and she can't explain it. Sarah doesn't have many fears--she tends to be ready to take on the world--but the two or three that she does have make up for it with their intensity!

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