Monday, January 28, 2008


For those not "in the know", Sarah calls Nelson's parents Grandma and Grandpa and my parents Mike and Mumsy. She adores both sets of grandparents and is always excited to see or talk with them.

Nelson and Sarah like to watch a game show called "Cash Cab" together on television sometimes. A few nights ago, a contestant named Mike climbed into the "Cash Cab." Sarah was a bit startled by this. She looked at the TV in confusion. "His name is Mike?" she wondered aloud. She watched for another couple of minutes, pondering. Then her face lit up in a smile. "His name is Mike!" she shrieked excitedly. I think she was rooting for Mike to win big bucks, simply because he had a name she liked and was familiar with. :)

Sarah knows that Mike and Mumsy, like Grandma and Grandpa, are her grandparents. But a new aspect of this occurred to her on a recent visit to Mike and Mumsy's house. Thinking aloud about this whole "grandparent" thing, she asked if she should be calling them "Grandmike" and "Grandmumsy" instead! :)

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