Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sarah's e-camp

I mentioned that Sarah wanted to do an online science e-camp over the summer.  A part of me finds it amusing that Sarah's favorite subjects are art and science--I can't claim I was ever overly fond of either.  But she loves them both, and she has been excited about starting this e-camp. 

The idea of an e-camp is somewhat funny to me as well, actually.  It really highlights how everything is available in electronic form--books, mail, businesses, science camps.  I'm not naive enough to think this takes the place of a "real" camp (and we're really hoping to send her to a real camp next summer--I'm working on it now), but it is a neat program.

It's through a website called Supercharged Science, and it's taught by Aurora Lipper, who is a former NASA scientist.  The camp covers astronomy, rocketry, flight, electricity, chemistry, lasers, robots, and more.  Yeah, it's an extensive course!  It runs from June 1-August 31, so she has plenty of time to enjoy the offerings while still having a relaxing summer. 

The program is set up with videos where Ms. Lipper explains and demonstrates the activity or experiment.  Everything is very hands-on.  Sarah even has a notebook to log all that she does and the results she gets.

The site offers a program for the school year too, but that isn't feasible right now.  However, we do take advantage of the occasional free teleclass she offers to her email subscribers.  Those have been fun. 

I may update more throughout the summer as to what she's doing and learning.  But so far, so good.  Today she even got a brief math lesson from the e-camp.  :)

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