Thursday, November 3, 2011

more pictures (halloween)

In addition to trick-or-treating on the night of Halloween itself, Sarah and Natalie got to don their costumes and attend a "fall festival" at a local church on Wednesday, October 26.  Most of these pictures are from that rather than Halloween itself.  The costumes are the same though, so it all works out.  :)

To avoid any possible confusion, Natalie is Snow White, and Sarah is Tinkerbell.  And look--Natalie finally figured out how to smile for the camera!  Also, check out Sarah's missing teeth. 

Bonus pictures: my co-teacher at our homeschool co-op gifted us with a Winnie the Pooh costume the day after Halloween.  Natalie is in love with it.  She won't get dressed today; she just wants to wear Pooh.  It's too big for her, but that doesn't keep her from being enamored with it.

Happy belated Halloween! 

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