Tuesday, March 8, 2011

menu plan...Tuesday?

So I kind of skipped Menu Plan Monday.  The funny thing is, I DID plan my menus...I did it Sunday evening.  But I never got it posted yesterday...the day just kind of got away from me.  But anyway, here is part of what we're going to be eating this week.  I actually planned more meals than I will need; I like to have options.

Oh, and Nelson spent $15.43 at Ingles Sunday night.  He got necessary things like tortillas and oxygen bleach...and chips.  Okay, so THOSE weren't necessary.  We probably needed milk more.  Oops.

Cold cereal and milk (had this Monday)
Cinnamon raisin toast (this was today's meal, using leftover bread from last night)
Baked oatmeal (this often gets us two meals)
Doughnuts (these are a gift from my parents most weeks and make for a fun Saturday breakfast.  Back-up plan is leftover waffles).

Leftovers or tortilla wraps/quesadillas

Taco soup and cinnamon raisin bread
Omelets and blueberry-lemon muffins
Hamburgers, potatoes, and applesauce
Black bean burritos, veggies
Dinner with my parents
Potato soup, bread
Baked pasta, veggies, bread

A quick note about taco soup: this is becoming a family favorite!  I had read about it on the Internet for ages, but I couldn't find a version of it that I could eat.  A friend of mine finally gave me her recipe, and we have been enjoying it since.  Sarah raves about it when we eat it. 

The cinnamon raisin bread is another winner.  It's a new recipe, but it is sooooo good.  And it makes wonderful toast in the mornings.  :) 


Tara said...

You may need to share that taco soup recipe if it's that good! :)

Leah said...

Hey friend...I thought I was following your blog and had it my blog roll....not sure how that did or did not happen! However, I think I have it all set up now!