Tuesday, November 3, 2009

not smiling

I really wish I could get a good picture of Natalie smiling. Her whole face just lights up, and it's beautiful. Alas, she continues to elude my attempts with the camera. But here are some photos of her...not smiling.

Sarah is always willing to perform for the camera.

So solemn...

She's very close to being able to crawl...just hasn't quite figured it all out yet. Hey, Dad, like the UT onesie? Gotta train 'em early! :)

Sarah, very willingly smiling.

Last night, Sarah was running back and forth in the downstairs hallway. Natalie was watching this intently. She was studying it. Her eyes followed Sarah's every move. And her body would jerk every so often. You could tell that she was trying to figure out just how Sarah was doing all this running business, and how she (Natalie) could take off after her!

Oh, and you want to know how to really make Natalie cackle with laughter? One, be Sarah and jump up and down. Or two, say (with great enthusiasm), "YAY, Starbucks!" She'll always at least grin at this, but usually it's enough to make her howl with delighted laughter. Is she my girl or what? ;)


Tana said...

if she's that cute when she won't smile, she must be a doll when she smiles!

Tara said...

too cute! that cracks me up!