Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Friday night, Sarah, Natalie, and I went to a party at our church (Nelson had to work). Sarah dressed up in her Halloween costume (she was a bee). I put Natalie in a cheerleader outfit that Grandma and Grandpa had bought Sarah when we went to Florida.

Sarah was two when she wore this outfit. Natalie is seven months. Hmm. (To be fair, it was a little big on Natalie...but only a little.)

Saturday night, Sarah trick-or-treated in Greeneville. She is loaded up with candy and treats. Thankfully, she likes to share. :)

Here are some pictures of the girls all costumed up.

My dad took these photos, so I'm not sure what Sarah's deal was in these first two pictures...she looks like a mean bee, for sure!

Oh, much better! A happy bee!

Now a silly bee...

Still silly...

Even sillier...

Natalie in her cheerleader garb.

Natalie and Mumsy hanging out before we put her costume on.

I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken. But doesn't she look pensive?

P.S. At a recent doctor visit, Sarah, age 5, weighed 32 lbs. Natalie, at 7 months, weighed 16 lbs. 1 oz. Anyone want to take bets on how long it will take Miss Natalie to catch up to and then bypass her big sister? :)


Tara said...

It's great that the cheerleader outfit fits Natalie...she looks very cute in it! Looks like you had a fun Halloween. :-)

Hmmm...I am terrible at guessing things like this but I'm gonna say by age 2 Natalie will be caught up to Sarah. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww, your girls are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love the "growling" bee! lol! ;-)