Monday, September 14, 2009

we have a sitter! and an eater!

We've had many blog-worthy moments in life, but since I haven't gotten them posted, some are forgotten. :( Sigh. I will try to share those things that I still actually remember though!

First of all, we have a sitter! Natalie can now sit independently. :) She is having a GREAT time with this! She likes being able to sit and play and really see what all's going on around her.

Natalie is also eating a little bit of applesauce in addition to her nightly rice cereal and her enthusiastic nursing. Right now, she's not quite sure what to do with the applesauce. More of it ends up on her clothing than in her mouth. :) And the very first time I fed it to her, she got teary-eyed and looked at me with an expression that seemed to say, "Why are you torturing me, Mommy?" But we're slowly making progress. :) Sweet potatoes to come next!

True confession: the following pictures are not of Natalie actually sitting by herself. They are from August, and she is propped up on the couch. I've taken shots of Natalie sitting alone; I just haven't uploaded them from the camera to the computer. I know, I know; bad blogger mommy. Sorry. But hopefully these will do until I actually get the real thing off the camera!

I will also post the story of Nelson's job acquisition. I want to get it all recorded, because it's neat how God provided (and when). But I think I'm too tired to be that deep right now. ;)