Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a couple of quick Sarah stories

Still trying to get caught up on all the posts I've gotten behind on--at this rate, I might have them all complete sometime before 2015! (But don't hold you're breath...)

Sarah is a never-ending source of blog material. I have two stories for this post; one a sweet, touching tale and one that's just cute and funny. I think I'll start with the cute, funny one first!

I have several feather dusters that I use for cleaning. One is a small one for pictures, knickknacks, etc. One is a larger one with a longer handle. The last one isn't actually a feather duster at all, but I'm honestly not sure what the material is. It's purple and has a telescoping handle for reaching high places.

Sarah loves helping me dust, and she did so yesterday. Last night before bed, she picked up the small feather duster (because I had forgotten to put it away when we were done. Oops). She began pretending that it was a trumpet, holding the handle up to her mouth and making noises. Nelson made a comment about the trombone we have stored in the house. Sarah immediately decided that she should play the trombone instead of the trumpet. To do so, she put the small "trumpet" duster down and reached for the larger duster with the telescoping handle! After all, it's much more trombone-like. Isn't she clever? ;)

On to the more "serious" (but still very cute) story: a few days ago, Sarah was having a difficult time coping with disappointments. After two separate temper tantrums (and the consequences resulting from them), she apologized. We talked about how she could ask God to help her practice self-control since He now lived in her heart.

Apparently the conversation stuck. A couple of nights later, Sarah got a small piece of paper and a pen. She told me she wanted help writing the word thank-you; she wanted to write a note to Jesus thanking Him for helping her "not have temper tantrums anymore."

I am so humbled. God is doing amazing things in my daughter's life!

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Tana said...

keep 'em coming...i'll bet that 2nd one about melted you into a puddle when she said it.