Sunday, February 8, 2009

update on our week, a.k.a. "life at the sick house"

Most readers probably know we have had a rough week. But here's a recap anyway. ;) What can I say? The illness should be immortalized! After all, this blog is something of a scrapbook (as close as I'll ever come to one anyway!), so we might as well include the bad with the good.

Week before last Nelson had a business trip to Dallas. He returned home late Wednesday evening. He was of course tired, but he still had to go to work the next day. He ended up having to work overtime Thursday, finishing up tasks he had been unable to do while gone. And then he had a basketball game (he plays for our church team). So he woke up Friday feeling even more tired, but he again had to work late and again had a basketball game. Saturday he had planned to go help a friend with a home improvement project, but by this point was too exhausted to attempt it. We decided his body was just in bad need of rest and that a lazy day would make everything "all better."

Ha, ha. Famous last words.

By Sunday, it was apparent that he truly was sick. Fever, chills, body aches, scratchy throat--yep, the flu had hit. Just what we wanted him to bring home from a business trip! Frankly, I preferred the Godiva chocolates he bought for us. :-p I now understand the popularity of products like Airborne.

Sunday evening I started to feel unusually tired myself. And by Monday, I was in full throes of illness as well. Just what Sarah needed--two sick parents. To add insult to injury, on Tuesday we got a big, beautiful snow. The kind of snow Sarah has been longing for all winter. She watched longingly out the window, wanting SO BADLY to go out and play--and neither one of her sad, pathetic parents was up to taking her out in it. Poor kid.

But it didn't matter. Wednesday morning Sarah woke up sobbing hysterically. She was feverish, and she too was experiencing the bone-deep body aches. Yep, now we were ALL sick. Family bonding at its best.

Nelson attempted to go back to work Wednesday, having had to take Monday and Tuesday as sick days. He wasn't holding up too well though, and he felt quite relieved when more snow caused the company to send everyone home a little early. Thursday, he did much better, and by Friday he was finally starting to feel a good bit better.

Sarah has slept and rested a lot, and is already showing signs of being on the upward swing. I think she'll recuperate well.

Then there's me. My body can't devote itself fully to fighting off the flu virus; it also has to nourish and grow a baby. Apparently, doing both hasn't been going so well, and baby (rightfully) gets top priority. So my getting better is taking a bit longer. I had my regular ob appointment Friday, and my doctor was a bit concerned listening to my lungs. I now have high-octane prescription cough syrup and an antibiotic to take. Frankly, I feel a little bit loopy from the drugs. It would be very easy to sleep nonstop, but since Sarah isn't sleeping quite as much any more, that's not going to be happening.

But we are indeed recovering. Yesterday, I finally managed to do a couple loads of laundry (I'm not even telling how behind I was on that). Today I loaded and ran the dishwasher and got another load of laundry started. One of these days we may actually be able to start cleaning, sorting, packing, and we had planned to do last week. Oops.

It's a new week though. May it be a better, healthier one! :)


Tana said...

glad y'all are feeling better, being sick reeks of old socks and rotten potatoes!

Tara said...

I hope you're feeling better today!