Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sometimes on the weekend, we will meet my parents for lunch in Johnson City. Afterward we will either go to the mall or to the bookstore to hang out for awhile. At the mall, they have a bungee jumping experience set up with harnesses and trampolines. Sarah has been eyeing this with interest for quite some time now. My dad promised that when she turned four, he would let her try it out. So last Saturday, when we headed to the mall and Sarah spotted the bungee-jumpers, she reminded her Mike, "I'm old enough now!" Dad dutifully took Sarah to the bungee jumping station to see if there were any rules that might prevent her from taking part in the long-awaited activity.

Thankfully, Sarah qualified (they had a weight minimum, but she just barely squeaked past it). And she LOVED it! She had such a good time doing it with Dad that later when Mom, Nelson, and I rejoined them, she wanted to do it again so we could watch it. It was fun watching her face; you could tell that she was having the time of her life. It definitely lived up to all the expectations she'd had all this time.

Here's a picture of her enjoying her new activity: