Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bristol Speedway in Lights

After Saturday's bungee jumping adventure at the mall, we decided to head to Bristol on Sunday evening for Speedway in Lights. For those not from the area, each year Bristol Motor Speedway decorates itself in animated Christmas lights. You drive through the complex and even on the track itself, viewing the lights. They are set up in themed sections: a Nativity scene, Toyland, the Twelve Days of Christmas, the North Pole, dinosaurs, and even a tunnel that will be very familiar to those who have visited Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies and gone through the shark tunnel there! You can read more about the annual event here.

We have made a tradition out of visiting the Speedway every year for several years now. Sarah absolutely loves lights, especially Christmas lights, so she gets a big kick out of these big animated lights. Once you have driven through all the various light displays, you can visit Christmas Village, a small carnival set up in the middle of the race track. They have a few rides, hot chocolate, etc. It's pretty fun.

They also set up an ice rink, and we have been meaning to take Sarah there to try out ice skating. We didn't make it last year, so we are planning to go back in time to do it this year. Of course, Nelson will have to be the one skating with her! But she's excited at the prospect of attempting to ice skate. :) So hopefully we'll be able to post about that experience soon! :)

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