Tuesday, October 21, 2008

postscript on doctor visit

I can't believe I forgot to relate this conversation in the previous post on the doctor visit. It was such a funny conversation, but it just totally slipped my mind until I was telling Nelson about later. I blame pregnancy brain. ;)

Anyway, Sarah was of course with me at the doctor's office today. When Dr. B came in to conduct the appointment, he greeted Sarah and asked her name. She responded, "My name is Sarah." (Truth be told, it's amazing that she gave her correct name. She often changes it to whichever character happens to be her favorite that day.)

"What?" Dr. B teased. "Cinderella?"

"No, Sarah!" she insisted. (Again, I'm somewhat surprised by this response since she's such a Cinderella fan.)

"Oh," Dr. B said. "Something about you just reminds me of Cinderella. Do you know who Cinderella is?"

And here is where Sarah's response is just priceless. She did this hilarious little hair flip and announced, "Yes, she's a princess like me!"

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