Wednesday, October 8, 2008

conversation in car

Sarah and I traveled to Bible study this morning. I now have a name for Sarah's "boyfriend" from a couple of weeks ago--Ethan. :) So now at least I know what to call my future son-in-law! ;)

The study takes place at Celebration Church. Sarah refers to it as "the party church." :) This really tickles my funny bone!

As we were driving home after the study this morning, we drove past a local barbecue restaurant. As we drove past, Sarah said, "Mommy, we need to eat there! Everyone's waiting for us!"

Confused I asked, "Who is waiting for us?"

"Everyone at the restaurant!" Sarah insisted. "They want us to eat there!"

We went back and forth for a few minutes on the whole eating-at-the-restaurant idea. I told her that we couldn't eat there today. "But I wanted to!" she wailed.

"I know. I'm sorry," I replied in an attempt to be sympathetic.

But Sarah is not one for sympathy. "No, you're not! I don't want sorry! I want to eat there!"

Seeing the words in type make them sound very sassy and disrespectful, I know. But they really weren't in tone. She was simply bewailing the fact that we couldn't do this thing that she wanted to do. And I found it hilarious that she "didn't want sorry." She wanted a yes! :)

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Tana said...

i love "the party church!" it makes me think, "THAT'S the kind of church God would want to attend!"

i am also highly entertained by, "i don't want sorry!" i know that one's going to eventually spring from sean's lips (or something like it), since i often say, "don't be sorry, man, just try not to do it again," when he accidentally does something wrong. sounds like little ethan's got a handful of a girlfriend! i hope he's a clever fellow.