Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sarah's first singing performance

At church on Sunday, we got a special treat--a singing performance by the children! They had been practicing for weeks and weeks, and Sunday was the big day. Sarah's class was to perform "Joy to the World" and "Away in a Manger." Being a group of 2-4 year olds, they sang very loudly and enthusiastically--and off-pitch and behind the beat. :) They forgot to do the motions they had learned and practiced. And two of the girls were duking it out over the microphone (more on that in a minute).

As a Kids' Community volunteer, I got to be backstage before the big event. Interestingly, even small children experience stage fright. One girl complained that her stomach hurt. Another had a mini meltdown. Sarah burst into tears for no apparent reason at one point. High stress for something that was supposed to be fun!

And then the big moment arrived. The children filed in single file--and one girl tripped on the stairs and lost a shoe. Brief moment of confusion, but she finally made it up onstage and the rest of the kids trooped up behind her. The director signalled the children to begin singing. They did, with one especially enthusiastic youngster singing louder than everyone else (and also a beat or two off from everyone else). :) Two girls on the front row began tussling over the same microphone. Sarah watched this for a few minutes (singing all the while) and decided that she too would like a microphone. She also decided that she would like her OWN microphone. Right in the middle of one of the songs, she waltzed past the other children and planted herself in front of a microphone at the end of the stage! I hope I am describing this adequately, but it was hysterical to watch in person!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the big day. Later we will have some video. :)

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