Tuesday, March 31, 2015

and now we are six

So I'm a day late getting this posted (hopefully not a dollar short). But here are the obligatory birthday pictures from Natalie's birthday weekend extravaganza! 

Unfortunately the pictures are not chronological. Sorry about that.

THE CAKE. My parents bought this cake. Natalie wanted a strawberry cake. And she wanted Frozen on top. The bakery at Food City didn't have a strawberry cake with Frozen on top. But...the baker has won some sort of national competition or recognition, and she MADE IT WORK. She took the regular white birthday cake, divided it into layers, and inserted berries between the layers. The result? Exactly what Natalie wanted. It was amazing.

This arrived Saturday, from Nelson's parents. This dollhouse is HUGE. This is the kind of dollhouse little girls dream about. We are all in awe of it. Natalie says it's a doll mansion. Beautiful.

Saturday evening at my grandmother's house. Natalie loves dresses and tends to wear them on a daily basis.

Another picture from Friday at my parents' house. Natalie is modeling a new outfit from them.

Again with the modeling.

A birthday ribbon my grandmother had for Natalie. It says "Princess." She's quite pleased with this ribbon.

I really should have gotten a better shot of this. The Elsa doll was the ONE thing Natalie asked for when you pressed her for what she wanted for her birthday. She wanted Elsa. She loves her Elsa doll. (And Elsa now has a doll mansion in which to dwell, so Natalie is one happy birthday girl.) She also is quite enamored with the plush Hello Kitty and the little bunny (named Cream Puff). Those were from my aunt and uncle. They went to church with her on Sunday. (The other Hello Kitty is Sarah's, and yes, it also went to church.) 

Tonight we are doing her birthday supper, since circumstances prevented us from being able to do so last night. What's one more day in a multi-day celebration? (And please, someone explain why the spell checker think "multi-day ought to be mufti-day. What does that even mean? Do I want to know?) I can't quite believe she's six (I'd accept three or four, but six?) My girl is growing up!

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