Tuesday, January 22, 2013

holy guacamole, batman!

I made salsa-topped pork chops for supper.  I had tortillas to make tacos out of them if one wished, and I had avocado.  Anyone who knows me knows my love for guacamole.  Anyone who knows my girls know they share this love.  So really, having avocado on hand should have excited everyone female in this house. 

Natalie and Sarah refused the avocado.  Insistently, repeatedly, inexplicably refused.  Natalie almost panicked at the thought of avocado on her plate, begging me not to put it there.  Sarah haughtily informed me that while they liked guacamole as much as ever, they did not wish to partake of plain avocado. 

Grumble, grumble, grumble. 

I am not a short order cook, and I don't usually offer alternatives to the meal that is there.  However, I don't force-feed either.  Either child is perfectly welcome not to eat any part of a meal--they just shouldn't be surprised when I don't offer anything else.  So I really wasn't going to make an issue of the avocado, even though I found it ridiculous. 

But.  Natalie kept going on about it.  To the point of being rude and disrespectful.  I did something I've never done before.  I told her that if she made any further comment about the avocado, I would be feeding her a bite of it. 

Her eyes grew wide.  I figured the problems was solved.  But a few minutes later, she popped off again.  I put a small amount of avocado on the spoon and gave it to her. 

And lo and behold, she remembered how much she loves the stuff.  She started begging for more.  Suddenly Sarah was intrigued, and she started eating the avocado too.  Both laughed at how much they enjoyed it.  They happily put away several slices.  It was like some weird, infuriating version of Green Eggs and Ham.

Sheesh.  Don't mind me; I'll just be over here banging my head on the table. 

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