Saturday, June 30, 2012

parenting 101

So if you're on Facebook, you know that I signed up for a "Parenting Workshop" at church.  Natalie immediately implied that I didn't need it because I was "a great parent!" (her words).  Sarah, on the other hand, said I had done a "good job" signing up for the class. 

Ironically, it's Natalie who demonstrates why it might be a good idea for me to take the class. 

Wednesday I dropped the girls off in the child care and went off to my classroom.  I know all the child care workers; they're a lovely bunch.  No worries at all.

After class, I returned to the kids' area to retrieve my children (Nelson is taking a "Faith and Politics" class, and it always tends to run long; I end up being the one to get the girls since I get finished first.  Go figure).  Sarah was hanging out in the nursery.  She claims the "big kids" room is too loud, and she says she likes helping "make the babies smile."  So upon fetching her from the baby room, I headed to "big kid land" for Natalie.

Only she wasn't there. 

The child care workers had taken the kids outside for part of the time and had apparently just gotten back in.  In the shuffle of coming in from outdoors and other parents arriving to get their children, Natalie had managed to slip away. 

A friend of mine immediately offered to walk around the building to see if Natalie was still outside.  I began looking around inside.

Where was she?  With the food, of course.

We have a brief time for everyone to hang out, chat, and eat dessert once the classes are done.  Natalie was at the dessert table, declaring to anyone who would listen that she was hungry and could someone please get her a snack.  I guess I should be glad she wasn't just diving right in and eating straight from the dessert table. 

Of course, all's well that ends well.  Natalie was safe and sound, and we have talked (and will continue to talk) about the importance of staying with the child care workers until Mommy or Daddy comes to get you!!!  But looking back on it, it's kind of funny now, even though it wasn't so much at the time.
See why I need a parenting class?  I have an imp for a child!  :-p 

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