Wednesday, January 4, 2012

verbing words is fun

Have you ever noticed how children tend to use words however they wish?  (Actually some adults do this too, I think.)  One of the gifts Natalie got for Christmas is lip balm.  She LOVES this.  When she first opened it, she was so excited about it that she sat in the floor with it and didn't open another present for about twenty minutes--she was too enamored with the lip balm! 

Natalie can identify most of her body parts--including her lips.  She knows what and where her lips are.  I learned this morning that apparently she refers to lip balm as "lips" as well.  She has also turned "lip" into a verb (future "Calvin and Hobbs" fan, maybe?  Or May Swenson fan, but no one's going to get that reference  Google "Ornamental Sketch with Verbs").  When asking for her lip balm this morning, her exact words, "Can I have lips so I can lip myself?" 

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