Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a glimpse into our school life

I have a friend who does a fabulous job of posting all these pictures of what she does with her kids in homeschool each month.  She always has a post full of projects and field trips and summaries of what they've been up to.  I've thought about doing a post like that, but you can probably tell that I haven't.  Heck, I never even posted the summary of our kindergarten year that I meant to back in August (oops.  We had a good kindergarten year, by the way, and first grade is going well too). 

Still, I can start now, right?  No time like the present.  I don't promise to be as organized and with it as Merry is.  But hopefully I'll get a few things here and there posted that will give you an idea of what's going on around here.  :) 

These pictures are from November.  I drew an outline of Sarah's body, and she cut out pictures of internal organs to glue in the appropriate places.  Then she drew an outline of Natalie's body and just drew a face on it for fun.  :) 

By the way, if you noticed the art kit in the photos from Christmas day, Sarah is super excited about using those supplies with a Thomas Kincaid drawing curriculum that I bought.  :)

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