Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a sticky situation

I was going to post my menu plan on Monday (because I did actually do it), but you know what?  I've already altered it.  We ate leftovers Monday, and tonight we're eating something completely off-the-list.  (My roast didn't defrost, so I needed a Plan B.  It was actually comical--I started two other things before settling on the quiche we actually ate.  I also now have a head start on tomorrow's meal, so I guess that's good). 

I did go to the grocery store yesterday, and I spent $63.08.  This is an improvement over the last month, so I'll take it.  :) 

I do have a funny story from today, although I am somewhat reticent to post it here.  It's kind of embarrassing, but honestly it's too funny not to share!  So red-faced and all, here goes (if you're especially sensitive, stop reading here). 

Natalie got into the bathroom cabinet this morning.  She got into my stash of pads.  She tore open several, removed the backing to reveal the sticky strip, and stuck them to the toilet seat.  Oy!  They stick really well to porcelain, if you're interested.

She and Sarah are both also decorated (clothes, skin) in marker ink from art time today, but that's pretty normal.  :)  Hopefully my laundry skills will be able to rescue the clothing! 


Tara said...

I had the exact same situation with my meal plans this week! :)

That was too funny about Natalie and the pads. If it makes you feel any better, Connor once got into my tampons and I found him walking around chewing on one (still in it's plastic wrapper thankfully). Classy!

karen said...

ROFL! That's classic! :)

Tana said...

Now THOSE are the things that should have "keep out of reach of children" labels!

karen said...

Too true!