Monday, July 11, 2011

long time, no blog

I've noticed something; the longer that I go without posting, the harder it is to start back.  Inertia even affects blogging, I guess.  An object at rests tends to stay at rest, and a post unwritten seems to stay unwritten. 

Of course, once I get in a good groove, I tend to update regularly.  So here's hoping that Karen gets her groove back with this post. 

Nelson's parents are visiting.  Last week we went to the local Splash Pad and to Warriors' Path park to play on the Boundless Playground there (the name of the playground is Darrell's Dream.  Since Nelson's dad is named Darrell, this was an appropriate place to visit!).  Saturday we visited Bays Mountain.  We saw wolves (Sarah's favorite), deer (including several babies), owls, bobcats, and several varieties of fish. 

Today I did the mundane task of grocery shopping.  At least it should have been mundane.  Unfortunately, it ended up being something of an embarrassing trial.  I got my groceries, got to the checkout, and handed the clerk my frequent shopper card.  I even had my coupons ready to go.  But then I opened my wallet and realized that my debit card wasn't in it!  I had to have the cashier void out the order (thankfully she was quite gracious) and call home for Nelson to come rescue me.  He came, paid for the groceries, and all's well that ends well.  It was very embarrassing at the time though!  (And I have since located the missing debit card). 


Tara said...

Glad you're getting your groove back! You still need to share Easter pics. :)

I'm so sorry you had that incident t the grocery store. :( That is one of my worst fears! Good thing Nelson was available to help you out!

karen said...

Would you believe I forgot about the Easter pics? Totally and completely forgot. I don't even know if those pictures are still on the camera; I'll have to check...

Tara said...

Well I'd still love to see them no matter how old they are now. :)