Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spice girl

I've already posted about Natalie getting into the pantry and getting a mouthful of cloves.  At Christmas,  while I was attempting to make fruitcake, she poured out the entire bottle of vanilla extract.  Well, today we had another venture into spice world. 

I was making cinnamon toast for breakfast.  In an effort to "healthy it up" a bit, I used honey instead of white sugar.  I was mixing the butter, cinnamon, and honey together in a bowl so I could spread it on the slices of bread.  Natalie (who had already snitched a bite of bread) got a hold of the cinnamon...and dumped most of it on said piece of bread. 

Oh, what a mess.  I managed to get most of it cleaned up and even got most of it scraped off of the bread.  But it was still the most cinnamon-y bread you have EVER seen.  There was a TON of cinnamon on that bread.

Natalie loved it.  She devoured every last bite.  We joked that she's a new Spice Girl.  Nelson jokingly dubbed her "Bratty Spice."  I think maybe Mischief Spice would work. 

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Tara said...

Lol! Natalie has definitely earned the title of Spice Girl! :)

I hope it says something good about us as moms that 2 of our kids have foodie nicknames. :)