Thursday, March 18, 2010


A week ago Wednesday, Natalie woke up bawling about 2:00 a.m. She continued to cry, wail, and thrash throughout the night. When we got up for the day, she was listless and lethargic and burning up with fever. A trip to the doctor confirmed an ear infection, and she started a round of antibiotics. (I know I covered all this in a previous post, but I do have a point, I promise!).

After a few days of antibiotics, she was starting to feel better (although dealing with the laundry caused by all those nasty diapers was wearing a bit on me!). Sunday evening we went to church (I let her sleep in Sunday morning). Apparently, even evening church was a mistake.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning (around 2:30 a.m.--apparently the 2 o'clock hour is cursed), Natalie woke up crying. Within minutes, she threw up all over me (lovely, I know). She continued to vomit throughout the night and into the morning. Clearly, she'd caught some sort of stomach virus. Just what every girl recovering from an ear infection needs, huh?

By noon on Wednesday (yesterday), Sarah joined the ranks of the stomach bug-afflicted. Nelson started shortly thereafter. And then I succumbed as well. Virus: 4. Butterworths: 0. End game.
Quite possibly the only good thing about stomach bugs is that they don't last long. Natalie was happy and playful yesterday and kind of confused as to why no one was happy and playful with her. Sarah was asking for pizza (of all things!) today. Nelson has been working as usual (it helps that his commute time is so short!)

I am beginning to recover as well, although I am a bit slower in doing so. I got pretty dehydrated during the illness, and it's taking me awhile to bounce back from that. I still feel weak and tired.

But...the sun is shining, and the warm weather promises that spring might just come soon. Natalie is almost finished with her antibiotic and has a follow-up appointment on Monday. Hopefully she will get the "all clear", and we will be done with sickness for awhile! :)

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Tana said...

glad you're all getting better!