Wednesday, May 27, 2009

even more pictures.

Because I'm determined to single-handedly bust the stereotype "No one ever takes pictures of the second child." ;)


Tara said...

Good for you! We can never get enough pictures. :-) That's fun that she's starting to smile a lot. :-) Any ideas who she looks like now that she's grown a bit?

Rodriguez family said...

So cute!

karen said...

Yeah, I know who she looks like...Sarah! Lol. :)

(I am going to have to label the baby pictures REALLY carefully! Or years from now we won't know who's who!) :-p

Tara said...

yeah! She looks SO much like Sarah to me too, but I was wondering what you thought. Especially now that Natalie is smiling...boy does that make her look even more like Sarah! They definitely have the same mouth and smile.

It's so fascinating to me how some families have siblings that all look so much alike and others you wouldn't even know they're related. Look at Nick and Nelson...would you guess they're brothers? They look nothing alike! So funny!

Anyway, I'm so glad you're taking lots of pictures of Natalie too! I'll have to be careful to save them in the "Natalie" folder. :-)

Grandpa: said...

What a cutie pie! We're trying to distinguish which one of her parents she looks most alike. (that is probably poor sentence structure but I'm hoping the message comes through.)