Sunday, April 12, 2009

the first bath

One of my favorite things about the newborn days is how babies glow after a bath. There's no other word for it; they just glow. I think babies may be the inspiration for the expression "fresh-scrubbed." Since Natalie's cord fell off, she was ready for her first dip in the tub. Sarah was eager to help scrub her little sister. Here a few pictures of the occasion.

Getting Natalie positioned in the baby bath tub.

Sarah helping Daddy scrub Natalie clean.

She's all done! (Please excuse the exhausted mommy in this photo).


Tara said...

All I can think is how nervous I'd be giving a newborn a bath! lol!

You look very happy. :-)

Lauri Dilbeck said...

You look great, Karen. Way better than I did after my second was born. And, speaking of glowing, I think I see a little bit of light coming from you as well!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

karen said...

Thanks! You're too kind--but I appreciate it!