Tuesday, January 20, 2009

post 201

Well, I promised something special for the 200th post. And since the previous post marked number 200, I think I can safely say that I kept that promise. Sarah's first day of school is very special indeed! :)

Part of me cannot believe that I ever managed to write 200 blog posts (let alone 201!). I resisted writing even ONE for the longest time! Although no one is giving me any awards or anything, I thought I would share a little bit of how this whole blogging thing came about and make my official "thank you" speech. ;)

Way back in 2007, Tara broached the subject of my starting a blog. I think I probably laughed at her (sorry, Tara!). I barely even knew what a blog was at the time, and I sure didn't think I had anything whatsoever worth blogging about. Who would ever read it?

Tara insisted that people would. And she was sure that Sarah could provide me with enough material to keep a blog going. My next objection was not even knowing how to set up a blog. She sent me a link to Blogger. Tara can be very persistent when she wants to be. ;)

All that leads up to my saying a simple, "Thanks, Tara." Thank you for giving me the idea and then actually pushing me to do it. I would never have done it otherwise, and it's turned into something that I really enjoy. :) If anyone comes here and enjoys my ramblings at all, know that it's because of Tara that those ramblings are even in existence.

My second thank you goes to someone doesn't know me and has no idea whatsoever of her impact. She's never read a word here, to my knowledge. But I have to give her credit for being my inspiration. Remember that objection that I had nothing worth blogging about? I told Tara that I was a SAHM, and that as such my days were filled with the mundane. I think I made some snarky comment that my posts would read something like "Today I mopped the floor and scrubbed the toilet. Woo-hoo!"

Again, Tara sent me a link. It was to the blog of a friend of hers named Crystal. Crystal is also a SAHM, with two young children. By coincidence, her older child shares the exact same birthday as Sarah. I read Crystal's blog. I enjoyed her writing style. Sarah and I both liked the pictures of her kids (and Sarah thought the birthday thing was neat). And I found Tara was right; Crystal did indeed have much to blog about. She posted funny stories about her children, updates, photos, and moments of profound insight. Sometimes she shared recipes; sometimes she ranted about various things that bugged her. But she was always worth reading. And so Crystal gets the credit for being the one to convince me that I really could do this.

(In case you're wondering, you won't find Crystal's blog in my blog roll list. Although I love her blog and would be proud to link to it, she is very private. She has no desire for her blog to show up in Internet searches or link lists. And so I honor her wishes in that matter. But I did want to publicly acknowledge her influence.)

Thanks to Nelson, who helps me scan pictures and upload video and teaches me some of the technical things that I need to know. If he hadn't taught me how to get pictures off the camera and onto the computer, this blog wouldn't be nearly as much fun for faraway family and friends who don't get to see Sarah very often. He's also written a post or two himself!

Finally, thank you to both TJ and Tara, my most frequent and consistent commenters. They let me know that I'm not talking to myself and that someone actually is reading! :) I know some people hold a drawing for their 200th post, and people comment to enter. What do you say, ladies? Want to duke it out for a prize? ;)

That's it! I guess next we'll see if I can make it to 300 posts! :)


Tana said...

You'd better make it to 300 (says the lame, slacker blogger)! We want baby pictures, right Tara?
And way to go, Sarah, for starting (un)school!

Tara said...

Yes, baby pictures please! Thanks TJ...and don't forget the promised pre-birth belly picture Karen!!!

I'd be willing to duke it out with TJ for a prize...lol

I was trying to never say "I told you so" but now that you've brought it up...I told you your blog would ROCK!! :-)

Love ya! :-)

Merry said...

You and Jill inspired me to start a blog - so, see, you're "paying it forward"! - Merry :)

Tana said...

i think we should play rock paper scissors for it. lol (i think that about most decisions.)