Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The First Entry

Ah, how historic! My very first attempt at a blog entry. :-p So let's all imagine that trumpets are blaring and banners waving to mark the moment. ;)

Okay, seriously, my sister-in-law (love you, Tara!) suggested that a blog might be a good way to stay in touch with all our out-of-state family and friends. So even though I have NO clue what I am doing, here is my feeble attempt to give those who would like to be "in the know" a glimpse of our daily lives.

As a SAHM, most of my days revolve around home and Sarah, so of course the first entry would have to be about her. ;) To set the scene, I was doing my morning Bible study on the living room couch. I finished up and set the Bible down next to me. Sarah started flipping through the Bible, "reading" it. She said, "God made the world, and trees, and flowers, and fish, and cookies, and flowers, and grass, and shirt!" (God making the world has been the subject of her Sunday School class for a few weeks now). I agreed with her that yes, God did indeed make everything. "He even made you!" I told her. "Yes," she said, "that makes us happy!" And I had to agree that I was very happy that God had made her! ;)


Tara said...

Aw, I love Sarah stories!! She is so cute. Great first blog Karen...keep up the good work. :-)

Love you!


Tana said...

she is so cute! time flies, doesn't it? great first post & pic!

Grandma B said...

Grandma's delight!

Thanks for doing this, Karen. I will be a regular, and I hope lots of the family joins in the fun.